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How do I know what size to purchase?

Click on the main menu and click on Sizing & Shapes. Refer to the instructions on how to measure, then refer to the Sizing Charts to find what are the sizes of your natural nails. 

  • Use Printable Chart to write down your nail sizes in millimeters.                    

How long do nails stay on and are they strong?

With the proper preparation and care of the natural nails, the press on nails can last up to 3 weeks. Yes, the nails are strong.

Do press on nails damage the natural nails?

No. Only removing the nails incorrectly does. 

             If using the nail glue, remove the press-on nails with acetone or let it come off naturally. With the gel tabs ( Adhesive Tabs) place your hands in warm water and it will pop off. 

Are the nails re-usable?

Yes. With the gel tabs, the nails can be taken off at any moment and put back on. If using with the nail glue, it's recommended to minimize the number of drops, a little bit can go a long way. 

What's included in the order? 

Every order includes one of each; the nail glue, adhesive tabs ( gel tabs), buffer, nail file, cuticle pusher, and a set of alcohol wipes. 

How many nails come in each set?

Each set comes with 10 nails of your measurement. 

  A set of 20 nails are available as well. Select the option before checking out.

What if the nails I purchased do not fit?

Unfortunately, due to every nail art being handmade personally by the owner of NicxNails, no responsibility is held if the wrong size has been ordered. 

To prevent the situation, Sizing Kits are available.

Can I order a custom design?

Yes. If you have a specific design in mind and do not see it on the website, contact us through Instagram DMs. 

     Before sending the Direct Message include the following:

                      1. Picture of the design
                      2. Specify your nails measurements

                      3. Length & shape that you prefer 

                 Be ready to pay via Cashapp or Zelle with this option.



Shipping FQA+

How long will it take for the nails to ship? Processing time.

After your order has been placed, allow 2-3 business days for your order to ship out. 

 Exceptions: Purchases of a set of 20 may take up to 3-5 business days to ship. 

IMPORTANT: Time frames are an estimate. The volume of orders can affect the wait time. ​     

What is the time-frame for the order to arrive?

At the moment, the carrier that delivers all orders is USPS. All orders are ship with priority mail and expected to arrive within 3-5 business after being shipped. 

What happens if my order is delayed/lost?

Sadly, the company of NicxNails has no control and is not responsible for delayed packages or lost. If this occurred, reach out to the USPS Customer Service, speak to an agent, allow them all the information necessary, and proceed by filing a lost package claim ( if needed)

Does NicxNails accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges?

No. Please read our policies on cancellation, returns, or exchanges. 


No cancellations, returns, or exchanges are accepted. All press on nails are final.

Can I select expedited shipping? 

At the moment, all nails are shipped out with a 3-5 business days time frame of arrival. Remember, this does not include the processing time.    


How are custom orders shipped out?


Custom orders have the same processing and shipped out time frame as the nails ready to be purchase. After all of the details are confirmed by the customer and accepted by the CEO, the estimated processing time can take up to 5 business days, depending on the nail art, and be ship out as Priority Mail. 

For further questions reach our customer services at


IG: NicxNails

or Click on the chat icon