Learn more about the CEO of NicxNails.

Hi #NicxNailsBabes

I've come up with the idea to create this safe space, a blog, for my Instagram followers & customers to get to know me a little better & learn about the journey of the creation of NicxNails.


The picture displayed is the C.E.O of NicxNails, Nicole, a 22 years old college student. From a very young age, I consider myself a determined girl with many purposes. Throughout the years, I've learned that determination is the key to achieve and, be successful in everything.

Besides the motto of determination that I go by every day, I come from a very supportive family system. I am Hispanic, born in the Dominican Republic, and raised in the U.S. Since forever, my mother has been the inspiration behind every goal that I set myself. It may sound cliché, but it's deeply the truth. She has taught me everything and keeps on doing so. With this, as a new businesswoman, my only hope is to make her prouder.

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