Opinions on Press On Nails

I have to say that even when press on nails are becoming very popular in the beauty industry, it is often overlooked and undervalued. Since the day I, the CEO of NicxNails, opened the business through the platform of Instagram in August, I've come across people's different perspectives on the glued-on nails. As a businesswoman and owner, the main three objectives are

  1. Promoting your brand,

  2. Let people try your products, even if that means starting with friends and family members

  3. and selling the products you've invested in.

It can be rewarding as well as it can present some challenges. When I started promoting the nails on Instagram, the most-common judgments consisted of, " I want to try it, but I am not sure" or " They will come off right away, so I rather not" . . . you name it, I've heard it. It can be discouraging, especially at the beginning phase, but, it also serves as a motivation to try new methods for current, new, and potential customers to get familiar with what you're selling.

When a customer is placing an order through Instagram DMs, I make sure to provide the best customer service that I can, before and during the processing time of the nails. One time, I had a customer that loved a design she saw on I.G. but was not sure about it because she never tried press-on nails and did not want to spend a lot of $$ at the nail salon. She reached out to me to ask general questions about the nails and their purposes; I explained all of the questions, from the benefits to what's inside each order. One comment that stood out the most was when she said, " Well, I won't know until I try." that made my whole day. The reason is that people are fast to judge and make assumptions about something without trying it! After placing her order, she was amazed when the nails arrived. She immediately reached out to me and spoke only good and positive things about the nails! and nothing can top that!

With that, before making a judgment on something, give it a try! check out the benefits of it, and then share your constructive opinions on it. Feedbacks helps any business, no matter how well-recognized it is, to improve and engage more upcoming customers. Most importantly, SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS! Let's promote kindness in the world.

Thank you #NicxNailsBabes!

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