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Hi, #NicxNailsBabes!

In this new blog, I'll be talking in detail about the benefits that the press on nails has brought to my natural nails. On the second blog about the start of NicxNails, I expressed in a few words how damaged my nails were. Trust me; it was worst than it sounds! Before the pandemic, I used acrylic nails. ( by no means I'm undervaluing the acrylics system! I am not against it.) I take on a lot of responsibility because I couldn't accept the fact that my nails needed a break from the acrylics, and due to that, my natural nails were extremely damaged. It did not grow, broke easily, even experienced the whole nail coming off! It was bad. Of course, although I knew that my nails needed to recover and that, most likely, I had to go months without even getting a manicure, I couldn't bear the idea of not having a fresh manicure. I always had one manicurist, even she was worried! I went years straights without a break from acrylics! Until few weeks before the pandemic, I went in for a refill, and as my then manicurist was filing away the acrylic, I felt a burning sensation on almost all my nails that I couldn't tolerate. I remember all I said, " take it off!" immediately after placing my hands in acetone, I knew that my nails reached their limits. When the acetone melted all the acrylic, my nails were completely broken in half, very close to the cuticle area. I was more upset than in shock; Like, I said I am not against it because I knew I had to stop, and I didn't.

During this time, I was also looking into the materials needed to learn how to do my nails at home. One thing led to the other, and I found out about the press-on nails.

At first, as like many people, I was skeptical about it! Since I did not know about the product, I gave it a few guesses before purchasing. After, I decided to buy a pack of clear press on since I had a few nail polishes and try to see how convenient it would be. The entire quarantine, I used to press on nails; here are the reasons why I was completely in love with it

  1. Feel & looks like acrylic nails

  2. Does not break

  3. most importantly, lasted three weeks and more on without coming off at all.

Since salons were all closed, family members, friends, and some Instagram followers were surprised that I managed to have a fresh set every three or four weeks, consecutive. I even customized a set for one of my very first customers, and her press-on nails lasted a month with no sign of coming off! It sounds ridiculously long, but it's the truth! I will talk about this in another post! Stay tuned.

Going back to my experience with the press on nails, after months of using them, I noticed my nails were growing back, and that right there was an accomplishment! My natural nails are, until today, strong, shining, and growing without breaking off. For this very reason, I decided to join the press on nails industry with the goals of

  1. Providing luxury nails to customers at a reasonable cost

  2. Introduce the benefits that press-on nails have, even to take breaks from acrylics once in a while

  3. saving people the hustle of long waits at the salon or the stress from a bad manicure.

These are just a few of the countless that NicxNails' press on nails offers.

Remember, you can leave a comment down below! looking forward to reading suggestions on what should the next blog be about.

Thank you all for the support, without you guys this wouldn't be possible

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